Week 11 Soviet Rock Playlist

Only the first video has English subtitles. Links to the rest are next to the song titles (for most of them, you’ll need to scroll down past the Russian to see the English).

  1. DDT, “Don’t Shoot! (Ne Strelyai!)”
  2. Time Machine, “Marionettes (Marionetki)” Lyrics: http://lyricstranslate.com/en/marionetki-марионетки-marionettes.html
  3. Cinema, “Changes (Peremen’)” Lyrics: http://russmus.net/song/7257
  4. Aquarium, “This Train Is On Fire (Poezd v ogne)” Lyrics: http://russmus.net/song/11269
  5. Citizen Defense “Everything Is Going According to Plan (Vse idet po planu)”: http://russmus.net/song/3151